TSmuxereasycmd and MKV?

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TSmuxereasycmd and MKV?

Postby Donkeyfumbler » 27. Nov 2012, 13:42

Hi there,

I came across your tsmuxereasycmd tool looking for a way of scripting a conversion of MKV to TS files for use on Xbox360 via Mediacenter.

Does it actually work with MKV files though as I cannot get it to work at all? I notice you have only just added MKV support to yout MC-TVConverter utility so maybe you haven't added support to tsmuxereasycmd yet?

If not, are you going to and, if so, any idea when?

If you aren't planning on adding MKV support, can you suggest anything that might allow me to script conversion from MKV to TS using a batch file in windows?

Thanks very much.
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Re: TSmuxereasycmd and MKV?

Postby hudl » 29. Nov 2012, 22:04

Hi and welcome!
Sorry for the delay - have been busy...

Well, you have to know tsmuxereasycmd is just a quick and dirty tool for my purposes on MCTVC. I didn't do much of error detection and such things. The actual converter tsMuxeR.exe is also available via commandline so it may fit your needs better. If you are able to convert your files with the GUI of tsmuxer, it should also work with my helper tool. Well, it should... ;)

But like I already said, it isn't very much tested. I will improve conversion to ts in my next version of mctvc though. You can also use my gui via commandline - all settings and profile selection have to be made in the gui. Then just call the exe with the input file as parameter. Like:

"C:\path_to_mctvc\MC-TVConverter.exe" "F:\your_inputfile.mkv"

The most time consuming part in development is testing the conversion with different tools and choose the fastest one with the best quality. So, if you have some patience and wait for my next release, you can profit from my testings.
If you search for something more "sophisticated" you can search the site http://www.videohelp.com where all great tools are listed.

Edit: Oh - i forgot to mention, that my main focus for the next version is on creating a perfect profile for XBOX! My goal is to get an avi HD file with surround sound, because this is the only format that is surround enabled and officially supported (but unfortunately not that smooth in HD playback, that's why it needs some a lot of tweaking...).
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Re: TSmuxereasycmd and MKV?

Postby Donkeyfumbler » 2. Dec 2012, 00:38

Hi Hudl,

Thanks for the reply. I didn't realise I could run MC-tv converter from the command line - I would have tried that before doing what I ended up doing, which was adapting someone's batch script to run tsmuxer (quite a complex process involving running mediainfo cli to analyse the MKV, parsing the resulting text file for some information to then create the meta file that tsmuxer requires).

It is working quite nicely however - I can convert an MKV (usually a tv episode) into a ts file, keeping the x264 video and AC3 surround audio in about 30 seconds and they play perfectly through both the Xbox video player and the media center extender.

I'll certainly keep track of your work here though - my batch file using tsmuxereasycmd was about 50 lines shorter than the one I'm using at the moment. If you can get it to work with MKV to TS conversion it would certainly be much simpler, especially for anyone following after me :)
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