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Re: moving the converted file to another folder

Postby totally_awesome » 14. Oct 2014, 00:07


Any update on when the next release will come out? I was kind of hoping that it would be available by the end of November.
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Re: moving the converted file to another folder

Postby hudl » 23. Nov 2014, 16:24

I have no words on how sorry I am about not finishing the new version.

Got a baby girl and maybe you know how time consuming this is ;)
I really struggle to get some free time next to work and all - but be assured deep in my heart I didn't abandon development. It is really a shame because 2 years ago (..two years?.. omg...) I was so close on releasing a new version. In the meantime I did a lot of testing but with each new feature I wanted to put into it, it all got delayed more an more.
Now, I'm thinking about releasing a new slimmed down version to serve as a base for features I already have in mctvc v2. There are so many changes I wanted to include in v3 that I simply didn't find time to finish it. I never wanted such a bloat but on the other side wanted to make my userbase happy.
I also am not happy with MS dropping support for MediaCenter which was always my main target in development although mctvc became so much more because of you people - which I'm really grateful for all the experience I got with it.

Again, I'm really sorry for the delay just because it is (and always was) big fun seeing the project develop, being accepted and help others with their (wtv-)problems. So, I hope to get some time and get a version out. For now, I'm just seeking some sleep, you know ;) :D
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