How do I get comskip to cut the commercials?

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How do I get comskip to cut the commercials?

Postby joeg01 » 6. Apr 2016, 17:54

I have a recent recording of a tv show aired on CBS called "2 Broke Girls". The show is about 30 minutes but you have to take back 8 minutes of commercials because it's broadcast time is actually only 22 minutes long. Lot's of commercials lol. I ran the converter using mpeg and using mp4 both and telling converter to cut and detect commercials. Neither profile seemed to help get rid of the commercials. I see the temp files being made but when all is said and done the show still has all of it's original commercials in there and in tact. I looked into tuning comskip myself but found it to be very overwhelming to start with and was more confused than when I first started. I am surprised that not one commercial was detected even without tuning. Is there a log or something I can give you that will help you explain to me what to do and how to figure this all out? Is there something I just need to go check off in the config.default file. I noticed that it showed

# Use comskip to detect commercials in MPEG2 streams?
# Configure comskip.ini to improve detection.
# 1 = yes
# 0 = no (default)

Even though I told the converter program to detect and cut commercials. I changed that to a 1 manually but it seems to not make any difference as it still will not cut the commercials. I am certain however, that is fact detecting them because you can see the extra files being generated when it runs comskip.

I keep telling myself it's something easy and I just need to check a box or something. I sure hope this is simple to sort out because I am not 100% sure I know all the ins and outs of comskip and and not sure I know what to do.
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Re: How do I get comskip to cut the commercials?

Postby hudl » 14. Apr 2016, 13:36


Sorry for being late...

To help you, I would need a log. Please check the help to see how this is done.
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