multi audio english channels - no audio in mp4

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multi audio english channels - no audio in mp4

Postby bubba75 » 15. Mar 2014, 06:05

Hi, I have been using MC-TVConverter for a while and it has been great. A few months ago, I had some voice overs for hearing impaired that would record so I had to switch the preferred language to english only and that was working fine.
In the past couple of weeks, I have some HD recordings that have 2 english tracks but the first one is blank. using java, both the intermediate file and the final MP4 file have only one audio track that is silent. However if I select alternate method to convert the file it somehow manages to pick the correct audio track for the intermediate and final mp4 files. The problem is that for 2-3 hour HD recordings, it takes forever for the conversion to happen with the alternate conversion selection.
Is there a way to maintain all audio channels during conversion? If I select "all" as preferred languages, both tracks show up in the intermediate file, but not in the converted to mp4 file.
Any ideas how I can have it select the right track like it does with "alternate conversion" ?
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Re: multi audio english channels - no audio in mp4

Postby hudl » 15. Mar 2014, 23:12

For now I can only ask you to use remuxTool to select the correct audio. Just start the GUI of it (in your installation directory: tools/remuxTool/remuxTool.jar) and select the audio you want to convert. Convert the file to ts and then you can use mctvc again to convert the ts to other formats.
In the end this is exactly how I handle conversion in mctvc - only automated.
Sorry for the inconvenience - I addressed this issue in the coming version already but it is not ready for primetime for now...
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