Audio wrong samplerate?

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Audio wrong samplerate?

Postby Zackie » 24. Dec 2011, 18:28

Hey there, first off thanks for a gr8 program. I've been looking for something to do what it does and finally found your program. Also thanks for adding the "Start at" option which means I can bypass the audio stream changes which are so problematic for just about every other program that claims :roll: to do the same job.

I have converted one or two files so far using the, convert to TS option. The only thing is that the audio seems to be converted at the wrong sample rate. Well that's how it sounds. Is there anything I can do to change this?. The high frequency sounds are hissy (if that makes any sense :D ), or maybe a bit wobbly. My dad says it sounds like an old vinyl record with a warped belt drive (or maybe a warped record) causing it to rotate at the wrong speed. That's how he describes it anyhow. Other than this the program works a charm and seems to synch the audio/video perfectly.

Once again a great program thanks for writing it. Look forward to your reply.


Zac. :D
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Re: Audio wrong samplerate?

Postby hudl » 29. Dec 2011, 12:26

Hi Zakie!
Sorry for the delay - you know, it's xmas... ;)

Anyhow, I'm glad you like the the new feature.
You can change the setting of each profile (or add new ones) by editing the "profiles.ini". See the help file and comments in the file itself for further information and how to's. The commandline you want to change is probably "[hidden_tshq]" near the end of the profiles.ini - although the standard setting is 386kbit for audio which should give no hiss or something like that. If you only need stereo, try to convert audio to mp3 instead of ac3. Tell me, if you need help on this.
Other than that, please post a streaminfo about the converted file - maybe I can identify something odd-looking here.
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